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        January 2018    
    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
    Maria Armistead   Florence Millicent ARMISTEAD   Henry James Armistead   Sarah James(Jane) Armistead   Elisabeth Hodgson   Dorothy Armistead   Edith Armistead   Mary Armistead   Nellie Armistead   John Armistead   Robert Armistead   John Armistead   Ann (Elizabeth) Armistead   Hugh Baldwin Armistead   Mary Anne Armistead   William Armistead   Charles Frederick Armistead   George Armistead   Elizabeth (Eliza Ellen) Armist...   Constance Mary Armitstead   Francis Edward Armitstead   Frederick Armitstead   Isabella Jane Armitstead   Ellen Jane Armitstead   Arthur Hudson Armistead   Charlotte Elizabeth Broad   Ethel Agnes Armitstead   Arthur William Armitstead   Robert Armitstead   Annie Armistead   Mary Elizabeth Armistead   Arthur Wilson Armistead   Hannah Sophia Armistead   Kate Armistead   Emma Armistead   Job Armistead   Peter Armistead   Hannah Armistead   Amelia) Lucinda Armistead   Sarah Jane Armitstead   Benjamin Armistead   Edwin Armistead   Martha Armistead   Robert Armistead   Ann Armistead   Clara Kate Armistead   John Armitstead   Joyce Armistead   Thomas Armistead   William Armistead   Mary Ann Armistead   Thirza Armitstead   Jane Armstead   William Lawrence Armstead   Emma Armstead   William Armistead   Elizabeth Armistead   William Armitstead   James Armistead   Alice Armistead   Charles Frost Allass   Alice Mary Armistead   Ada Annie Armistead   Mally(maria) Armistead   Mary Armistead   Sarah Armistead   Frederick Armistead   John Armstead   Sarah Armstead   Edith Armstead   Jonathan Armstead   Alice Armistead   Samuel Armistead   William Armstead   Mary Ann Armistead   Margaret Julian Armitstead   Samuel Armstead   John Cobden Armstead   Sarah Jane Rogers Pearson   Maud Gladys Armistead   Mary Helena Armistead   Jane Armstead   Robert Armistead   Richard Armitstead   Edward George Armstead   Julia Ann Armstead   John White Armstead   Fanny Armistead   Eliza Alice Armistead   Robert Armitstead   Elizabeth Armstead   Sarah Ann Armistead   Ada Alexandra Armitstead   William Armistead   Ellen Armistead   Selina Armitstead   Emily Florence Alice Armistead   John Armistead   Annie Armistead   Elizabeth Ann Armistead   Polly Armistead   George Frederick Armistead   Ruby Cecilia Armistead   Sarah Armstead   Margaret Armstead   George Armistead   William Armistead   Frank Armistead   James Armistead   John Armistead   Annie Armistead   Jonathan Brewer Armistead   William Armistead   Henry Armistead   George William Armistead   Ann Armistead   George Armistead   Helen Armistead   Thomas Armistead   Harry Armistead   Alice Armistead   Annie Armistead   Elizabeth Armistead   Thomas Armistead   Susannah Armistead   Henry Armitstead   Annie Armitstead   Ethel Armitstead   Leonard Armitstead   George Miller Armstead   Lydia Armitstead   Bertie Armitstead   William Armstead Simpson   Thomas Alfred Armstead   John Henry Armstead   Fanny Armistead   Mary Armistead   Alice Armistead   Louisa Mary Armstead   Eliza Jane Armstead   Sarah) Elizabeth S Augusta Arm...   Edwin Clipsham Armstead   Isabella Ann Armistead   Catherine (Kate) Armstead   Ellen Sophia Armstead   James William Armistead   Emma Armistead   James Armistead   James Orton Armstead   Margaret Driver Armistead   Sarah Armistead   Ann Elizabeth Armstead   Nellie Armitstead   William Arthur Armitstead   Ben(jamin) Armstead   Betsy Ellen Armistead   James Booker Armistead   John Henry Armistead   Eleanor Gertrude Armistead   Tom Armistead   Ann Elizabeth Armistead   Robert (Grieve?) Armistead   Martha Armistead   Henry Armstead   Ethel Armstead   John William Armistead   Maria Armistead   Frank Armstead   Thomas Armitstead   Reginald Armitstead   Thomas (Henry) Armstead   John Armstead   Jane Armstead   John Armstead   Grace Armstead   John Armitstead   Margaret Armstead   Elizabeth Jane (Cissie) Armits...   Eliza Armstead   Sarah Ellen Armstead   Clara Rosa Armitstead   Nancy Alice Armstead   James Fisher Armistead   Thomas Armstead   Mary Jane Armistead   Christopher Armstead   Ernest Armistead   John Richardson Armistead   Flora Eveline Armstead   Harry Armstead   Charlotte Armistead   Mary Ann(Hannah) Lupton Armist...   Alice Armistead   Hannah Armitstead   Ada Ethel C Armstead   Florence Annie Armistead   Emma Armstead   William Armstead   Robert William Armstead   George Armstead   Mary Jane Armstead   Mary Jane Armistead   Albert Armistead   Laura Armstead   Charles Henry Armistead   Margaret Armistead   George Armistead   George Armistead   Joseph Armstead   Emma Armistead   James Armitstead   James Armitstead   Henry Jackson Armitstead   Elizabeth Jane Armitstead   Annie Armistead   Harold George Armstead   Winifred Marina Armstead   Mary Armitstead   Isabella Sarah Armistead   Edward Armstead   Bessie Armstead   John Henry Armstead   Robert Wharton Armitstead   George Armitstead   Isabella Armistead   Maggie Blake Armistead   Sarah Isabella Armitstead   William Francis Armstead   Annie Armistead   Alice Armstead   James Edward Armstead   John Armstead   Catherine Armstead   Edyth Winifred Annie Armstead   Leslie Percival Clifford Armst...   George Armistead   Christopher Hampson Armistead   Elieazer Armistead   Joseph Albert Armistead   John Armitstead   Marjory Louisa Armistead   Esther Allard   George Edward Armistead   Mary Ellen Armstead   Cedric Harold Gerald Edward Ar...   Kathleen Annie M Stevens   Edith Gertrude Armistead   John Lamonby Armistead   Harriet Armitstead   Elizabeth (Lily) Armitstead   Norman Collin Armistead   Alice Louisa Armistead   William Henry Armistead(Harris...   Mabel Mary Landers   Baden Redvers Armistead   Elsie Marjorie Armstead   Dorothy Armistead   John Armistead   Thomas Armitstead   Anthony James Armitstead   Mary Armstead   Ruth Armstead   Walter Armstead   Thomas Armitstead   Clara Emma Armistead   Annie Armistead   Edna Mildred Armitstead   Mary Ann Armstead   Ethel Helme Armitstead   Mary Armstead   Lilian Alice Armstead   Ernest Frederick Armstead   William Wheeler Ponder   John Henry Armistead   Albert Armitstead   Thomas Armistead   Robert Armistead   William Ponsonby Armistead   Lily Armitstead   Muriel Deville Armstead   Ernest Aubrey Litten   Edwin William Armstead   Leslie John Armitstead   Ruth Armstead   May Armstead   Ethel May Armistead   Ruth Armistead   Amey Elizabeth Armstead   Mary Isabella Vart   Doris Armistead   Marion Armistead   Mildred Armistead   Alex(ander) Martin Armistead   Daisy Armistead   Olive May Armistead   Mary (Isabel Mary) Armistead   Nellie( Mary Eleanor) Armitste...   Annie Agnes Armitstead   Ida Muriel Armitstead   Alice Armstead   Emily Armstead   Irene Armstead   Rose Annie Armistead   Thomas Armistead   William Henry Armistead   James Robertson Bouchier   William James Armstead   Margaret Elizabeth Armitstead   Ethel Armitstead   Frances Armitstead   Jennie Armistead   Emma Armistead   Roland Baxter Armistead   Charles William Armstead   Elizabeth Jane Armitstead   Sydney Armistead   Harold Armstead   Fred Armstead   Irving Crabtree Armistead   Leslie Armitstead   Hubert Graham Armistead   John Armstead   Alec Armistead   Fanny Woodfield   George Armistead   Doris Armistead   Thomas William Armistead   Harold Buxton Armistead   Theophilus Fowell Armstead   Annie Armistead   Ernest Willie Armstead   Norah Mackenzie Stevens   Winifred Martha Pratley   Amelia Laura Taylor   Mary Armstead   Catherine Orton Armstead   Ellen Armstead   Gertrude Melissa Doreen Armste...   Miriam Armstead   John Armstead   Edith Annie Armstead   Joseph Armitstead   Thomas Armitstead   Maurice Nathaniel Armitstead   John Armistead   William Armistead   Female Armistead   William Armstead   James Armstead   Betty Armstead   Ada Annie Armistead   James Armistead   George Horner Armistead   Arthur Armistead   Benjamin Armistead   Mary Agnes Armstead   Annie Armstead   James Armitstead   Robert Armistead   Rachel Armistead   Isaac C Armistead   Robert Charles Henry Armitstea...   Caldonia Armistead   Richard M Armistead   Elizabeth Armistead   Ruth Armistead   Anna UnkGeo   Elizabeth Ann Armstead   Elisabeth Armstead   William Armistead   John Armstead   Mary Ellen Armstead   Gwendoline A Armstead   Lily Armistead   Donald Armistead   Isaac Alfred Armstead   Edith Armistead   Thomas William Bedborough   Doris Cleary   Mabel Cleary   Marjorie Doris Kernon   John Armitstead   Mary Catherine Armstead   Clinton Acton   Henry Armstead   Edward Armstead   Doris Armistead   George Case Pickernell   William E Armistead   George Armistead   Dennis Dare Armstead   Richard D Armistead   Nellie Armistead   Roger N Armstead   Alice M Battams   Harold Armstead   Cecil Cody Armitstead   John H Armstead   Jean Armistead   Jack Armistead   Isobel Armistead   Sutcliffe Gill   William Davison Armistead   Margaret P Newby   John William Hayes   Terrence Armstead   Ethel Armistead   John A Bunting   Hannah Margaret Armistead   William D Darby   Eliot S Armistead   Daniel J Armistead   Elizabeth N UnkWilJ   Lula Armistead   Gertrude Armistead   Mary Ann Armistead   Sarah Armstead   Elizabeth Ann Armitstead   Isabella Armistead   William Armstead   John(Edward) Joseph Armstead   Henry Charles Armstead   Alice Armstead   Mary Armistead   Clara Armstead   Martha Armistead   William Henry Armistead   Florence Maria Armstead   Charlie Armistead   Solomon Armistead   Emma Armistead   Vero White Armstead   Fred Armitstead   Ruth Armistead   Elizabeth Alice Armistead   William Ponsonby Armistead   William Henry Armistead   Elsie Armstead   Lilian Armstead   Edgar Armstead   Mabel Annie Armstead   Robert William Armitstead   Ethel Armstead   Margaret May Armitstead   Ethel Dent   Richard Kenyon   Minnie M Armistead   Fanny Duncombe   Elizabeth Duncombe   David J Armstead   Robert Armitstead   Harry Simpson ARMISTEAD   Henry James Armistead   Freddy Armistead   Isabella Marr   Mary Anne Armistead   Henry Armistead   George Armistead   Henry Armistead   Henry Armistead   Isabella Newhurst   Elizabeth(Betty) Armistead   Ann Capstick   Elizabeth Boardley(Bradley)   Thomas Albert Armistead   Margaret Johnson   Ann Carr   Richard Armistead   Anthony Armistead   Georgiana Armistead   David (Brown) Armistead   Arthur Armistead   Henry Armistead   Mark Blackburn Armistead   John Burford Armistead   Mary Ann Boyle   William Armistead   Ponsonby Armistead   John Armistead   Frances Armistead   Alice Ainsworth   William Armistead   Hannah Hopwood   Henry Armistead   John Armistead   Ellen Armistead   Isabell Armistead   Thomas Armistead   John Armistead   William Armistead   Mary Cape   William Armistead   Charles Armstead   Susan Edwards   Susannah Armistead   Ann Armstead   Ann Cross   Catherine Clover Fisher   Eleanor Pratt   Emma Armstead   Mary Ann Armistead   John Armitstead   John Armitstead   Grace Wright   William Armistead   James Armistead   John Armistead   Louisa Ann(ie) Bull   Benjamin Armistead   Jonathan Armstead   Jane Buckley was Hall nee Smit...   Denison Armistead   Mary Rebecca Armistead   James Fisher Armstead   Mary Clapham   Sarah Jane Armistead   Charlotte Holt   Ann Stott   Ellen Armstead   Thomas Armistead   Michael Armstead   John Armstead   Hannah(Ann) Dyson   Isabella Horner   Alice Lupton   Benjamin Armistead   Ann Dakers   John Henry (L) Armstead   Jane Ann Armistead   Esther Shepherd   Ellen Armstead   James Armstead   Esther Armistead   John Armitstead   Alice Thornton   John Armstead   Mary Howarth   Ann Armistead   Jane Illingworth   Richard Armitstead   John Edward Armitstead   Benjamin Armstead   Thomas Armstead   Harvey Armstead   Ann Searl   Richard Armistead   Margaret Reynolds??Dolan   Charlotte Royle   Samuel Armistead   George Armistead   Jonathan Walling   Mary Ellen Wilson   James Armistead   Clara Louisa Ardrey or Ordney   Elizabeth Mayor   Margaret Armstead   Thomas Armistead   John Armistead   George Armistead   Susannah Slater   Elizabeth Holt   Martha Ann Armitstead   Laura Louisa Miller   Margaret Harrison   Annie Gillespie   Arthur Henry Armitstead   Bertie Armitstead   Ellen Armistead   Ann Howard   James William Armistead   Mary Armistead   Mary Ann Gibbs   Rhoda Clipsham   George William Armstead   John Edward Armstead   James Orton Armstead   William James Matthew Armistea...   Ward Riley   George Armstead   William Armistead   Margaret Alice Armistead   John Armistead   John Henry Armistead   Susannah Armistead   William Armistead   Reginald Armistead   Tom Armistead   Thomas (B P) Armistead   Elizabeth McLean   Harry Armstead   Jane Armstead   William Garner Armistead   James Crossley Armistead   Maria Shorrock   William(Willi) Armistead   John William Armistead   Mary Ann Lowes   James Armstead   Ernest Armistead   Harry Armstead   Margaret Williamson Taylor   Edward John Armstead   Harriet Armstead   William Armstead   Harriet Brown   John William Armitstead   Robert Armistead   Ellen Waring   John Armistead   Eliza Nicholls   Catherine Worthington   Rachel Castle   Henry Armstead   Margaret Clement   Jane Illingworth   Elizabeth Ann Armstead   Lister Armistead   Bertha Wileman   John Henry Armstead   Elizabeth Turner   Lucy Armistead   Lucy Armstead   Alice Wills Carter   Edmund Armstead   William George Armitstead   Jane Moore   William Armstead   Edmund William Armstead   Mary Agnes Armitstead   Sydney Armitstead   Eliza Bundy   Hannah Cross   William (Peter William) Armist...   John Herbert Armstead   Mary Hiney   James Edward Armstead   Thomas Armstead   John Armstead   William Armstead   Ann UnkWill   Frederick Arthur Armstead   Thomas Armistead   Margaret Hampson   Mary A Moorby   George Armistead   John Armitstead   Christopher Haig Armistead   William Ferguson Currie   Mary Alice Ledson   Florrie Armistead   Margaret Airey   Thomas Armistead   Margaret Armstead   Elizabeth Sykes   Annie Pinnington   John Roberts Armistead   Frederic Armitstead   Jane Lord   Baden Redvers Armistead   Sarah Wilkinson(nee?)   Elizabeth Frances Garrett   Walter Edward Armstead   William Armstead   Sarah Ann Wilcock   Nancy Crompton   Mary Elizabeth Burn   Albert Armitage Armstead   Margaret Armitstead   Ada Mildred Armistead   Alex(ander) Armstead   Harriet Emma Ponder   Ellen Anslow   George Armistead   Susanna Catterall   Kezia Martin   Ruth Dodgson   Ann Armistead   William Ream   Sarah Jane Higginson   Edith Matilda Chester   Ernest William Armistead   Edwin William Armstead   Kenneth George Armitstead   Ruth Armstead   May Armstead   Stanley James(Sidney James?) A...   Hannah Spence   George Vart   Wilfred Armistead   Frederick Armistead   Sarah Ann Eveline Armistead   Herbert Armstead   Norman(John Norman) Armstead   George Evans Armstead   Thomas Armistead   George Edward Armistead   Thomas Armistead   Alice Shaw   Harry Armstead   James Robertson Bouchier   Maggie Armitstead   Laura Helm Armitstead   Agnes Armistead   Audrey Mary Armistead   William Bernard Armistead   Margaret Eleanor Hartley   Thomas John Armitstead   Sydney Armistead   Fred Armstead   Stephen Armitstead   Thomas Crossley Armistead   Frank Hewetson Armistead   Dorothea Eyles   Harold Buxton Armistead   Maria Cardine West   Ellen Ginger Armitstead   Alice Hampson Armistead   Fred Stranding Armistead   Francis Armistead   Harry Armstead   Nellie White Armstead   Thomas Armstead   William Vernon Armistead   Gertrude Melissa Doreen Armste...   Victor Leonard Hugh Armstead   George Armistead Wright   Willie Armistead   Phillis Armistead   Miriam Armstead   John Armstead   James Armistead   Solomon Wilson Palferman   Maurice Nathaniel Armitstead   John Armistead   Female Armistead   Harry Walsh Armistead   Thomas Armistead   Emily Cunliffe   Thomas Armistead   Benjamin Armistead   Rose Elizabeth Stagg   Elizabeth Armstead   Annie Armstead   Ann Armstead   Helena Mawson   Hannah Ivena Walton   Philip W Birkett(burkitt)   Lilly Armistead   John Edwin Scholes   Hilda Armstead   Sarah Jane Armstead   Mary Ellen Armstead   Annie Mary Gregory   Ruth Maria Armitstead   Donald Armistead   Evelyn Firth   Margaret Armstead   Isaac Alfred Armstead   Edith Armistead   Edward William Wells   Clinton Acton   Doris Armistead   Hilda May Bolton   Ada Emily Staien   Mary Jane Bullock   Martha E Hinds   Harold Armistead   Harold Armstead   Clara E Capstick   Ann Elizabeth Burford Armistea...   Roger N Armstead   Thomas Armstead   Kathleen G Armstead   Thomas Armstead   Margaret Ainsworth   May Morley Howard   Alice M Battams   Hilda Armstead   Eliza Ann Muir   Marie Lilian Reed   Bessie Platt   Edric R Armistead   George Armistead   Isobel Armistead   Terrence Armstead   Frederick Brennand   John A Bunting   Margery Arthington Mellish   Edward E Roshier   Claire Lobel   Christopher Peter R Armstead   William D Darby   Eric William Armistead   William Armistead   William Armistead   Agnes Campbell Gordan   Nannie Armistead   Eliza Armstead   Jane Armistead   Mary Armistead   George Henry Armitstead   John Armistead   Edward Armistead   Mary Jane Armistead   William Armstead   William Armistead   Austin Joseph Charles Armistea...   John(Edward) Joseph Armstead   Henry Charles Armstead   Martha Armstead   Ernest Charles Joseph Armistea...   Alice Armstead   Alice Mary Armstead   Arthur Armistead   William Henry Armistead   George William Russell Armstea...   John Edward Armistead   John Harry Armstead   Emma Armistead   Vero White Armstead   Fred Armitstead   Joseph Walter Armstead   Elizabeth Alice Armistead   John William Armstead   Russell Amos Armstead   William Armitstead   Elsie Armstead   Edgar Armstead   Robert William Armitstead   Ethel Armstead   Florence Armistead   Margaret May Armitstead   Gladys Armstead   John Armistead   Minnie M Armistead   Hannah Taylor   Irene Armstead   Robert Armitstead   Christopher Armistead / Tamar ...   John Borrowdale Huddleston / D...   Stephen Woodburn / Edith Armis...   Frank Nicholson Jenkinson / An...   George Armistead / Clara J Tys...   John Dodgson / Anne Armitstead   Charles Frederick Armistead / ...   James Bentley / Ellen Armistea...   William Lancaster Alexander / ...   James Clarkson / Margaret Elea...   William Crabb / Florrie Armits...   Henry Armistead / Maria(Mary) ...   James Armistead / Sarah Wilkin...   William Martin Armistead / Ali...   Richard Richmond / Mary Armist...   Alfred Rhodes / Mary Armistead   Frederick Beer / Hannah Sophia...   George Armistead / Ann Smith   Benjamin Bedford / Nancy Armis...   Thomas Armstead / Elizabeth Be...   Thomas Armstead / Charlotte An...   John H Vonderheyde / Margaret ...   James Armistead / Harriet Scho...   Joseph Hiley / Sophia) Melinda...   John Armistead / Susan Watson   John Armistead / Mary Clapham   David Armistead / Sarah Franci...   Thomas Henry Mitchell Armstead...   William George Williams / Amy ...   John Armitstead / Ann(ie) Gott   Thomas Armitstead / Mary Eliza...   John Hugh Lot Armstead / Fanny...   John Armitstead / Hannah Burro...   William Armistead / Margaret B...   Mark Bannister / Alice Armiste...   Jonathan Armstead / Frances Wa...   John Armstead / Mary Anne Shaw   Adam Whitworth / Mally(maria) ...   Joseph Armstead / Ann Fairweat...   Henry Armistead / Agnes Crossl...   Henry Lupton Armistead / Ann D...   Samuel Parkin / Margaret Armst...   John Dawson Booth / Martha Arm...   John Halhead / Betsy Armistead   John Walker Brown / Anne Armis...   Benjamin Armstead / Louisa Raw...   John White Armstead / Henriett...   William Hartley Armistead / Ma...   Samuel Armistead / Bertha Smit...   John Lamb / Jane Armistead   Isaac Percy Armistead / Susann...   Albert Edwin Armistead / Marga...   Albert Edwin Armistead / Bessi...   Henry Lofthouse / Polly Armist...   Maurice Armistead / Mary Sheri...   Thomas Armistead / Norah Shott...   George William Armistead / Eve...   John Thomas Simon(Davis) / Hag...   Arthur Algernon Riley / Margar...   James Armistead / Catherine Da...   John Henry Armistead / Ida Ash...   Bertie Armitstead / Alice Maud...   Joseph Armistead / Eliza Mille...   Albert Armistead / Betsy Edmon...   William Armistead / Ada Kirk   George Henry Lee / Elizabeth E...   Charles J Lee / Eliza Jane Arm...   Albert John Netton / Ellen Lou...   Ralph Bolton James Armitstead ...   Joseph Booth / Elizabeth Armst...   Richard Cobden Armstead / Eliz...   James Henry Hargreaves / Sarah...   Tom Armistead / Anna Erminia S...   James Armitstead / Mary Alice ...   Thomas Smith / Mary Ann Barker   George Edward Short / Edith Ma...   John Armistead / Betsy Halstea...   William Jarvis / Jane Armstead   John Armitstead / Mary Jane Bu...   John (Dickenson) Armitstead / ...   James Jackson / Jessie Armstea...   Robert Armstead / Mary Ellen M...   George Herbert Armstead / Ada ...   Fred Clark / Martha Armistead   Alfred Thompson / Nancy Jane A...   John Armitstead / Margaret Ann...   Evan Armitstead / Alice Warein...   James Crossley Armistead / Nan...   John Armstead / Margaret Ann A...   Christopher Armstead / Alice B...   Willie Armistead / Maud Tillot...   Frederick(Freddie) Armistead /...   William Bryon / Isabella Armit...   Robert William Armstead / Lucy...   Thomas Sidney Armstead / Elsie...   Christopher Simpson / Annie Ar...   John Armistead / Alice Ethel M...   Edward Clegg / Emily Armistead   Arthur Armistead / Elizabeth A...   Johnson Armstead / Frances E H...   Fred Armstead / Eliza Carver   John Allebone / Ann Armstead   William Smith / Lydia Pickles   Charles William Ernest Whish /...   Frederick Charles Shipley / Ro...   Harold George Armstead / Mary ...   William Hindson / Eleanor Stri...   Sam Nelson / Mary Armstead   Harry John Evans / Mary Agnes ...   Walter Armstead / Alice Theres...   John W Armitstead / Mabel Ward...   Lawrence Claude Armstead / Eth...   George Armstead / Elizabeth J ...   Victor Sinclair Elliot Bracewe...   Herbert Armstead / Hilda Gertr...   Roger Knowles / Sarah Isabella...   Alfred J Dunsby / Ada Maud Ger...   Martin Butterfield / Margaret ...   Sydney Armitstead / Ada Feathe...   Henry Hodgkinson / Susanna Cat...   John Wells / Jane Elizabeth Ar...   John William Armitstead / Mary...   John Arthur Mccarthy / Harriet...   John Kennedy / Anna Fraser   William Armistead / Elizabeth ...   Bertie Deboyne Armstead / Ada ...   Frank Matthew Lawson / Ethel H...   William Maltby / Fanny Louisa ...   Joe Worth / Ada Mildred Armist...   Alfred Harding / Doris Louisa ...   Ethel Sanderson / Alex(ander) ...   Arthur Gregory Ford / Annie (H...   William Ponsonby Armistead / M...   Thomas Meadows / Lily Armitste...   William H Wheelhouse / Florenc...   John S B Clarke / Joyce Kate A...   Allan G Collins / Amelia Evely...   George Vart / Hannah Spence   William M Airey / Elizabeth Be...   Eric George Armstead / Laura (...   Fred(erick) William Armitstead...   James J Stockhill / Dorothy Ar...   Albert E Pickerill / Alice Ann...   Francis Armstead / Winifred Pr...   Cyril Armstead / Mary Dickinso...   Robert Armstead / Florence M T...   William Singleton / Margaret A...   George Alfred Armitstead / Win...   Robert Armstead / Winifred McM...   Thomas Armistead / Esther Ann ...   William Herbert Armitstead / E...   Jack Ashton Armstead / Elizabe...   Herbert William Fretwell / Fra...   David Armistead / Mary Crowthe...   Leslie Armitstead / Charlotte ...   Harry Armistead / Alice Smith   William Henry Armstead / Minni...   Walter S Richards / Alice Maud...   Harold R Barlow / Nancy Armist...   Ezra Sugden / Betty Murgatroyd   Samuel Gaskell Armistead / Cat...   Arthur Adams / Sarah Steel   Asa Rhodes / Elizabeth Armiste...   John Lemmon / Sarah Ann Gillet...   Alfred Linley / Lucy Cowlishaw   John C Beck / Alice Maud Fishw...   John Anderson Armitstead / Cla...   Leslie G M Armitstead / Violet...   Walter Jeavons / Mary Jane Bul...   John Armstead / Marie Lilian R...   Christian Van den BoschorWenze...   / Maud L Bruce   Arthur A Webb / Jane Caroline ...   Simpson Nelson / Annie Boothma...   Clarence C Whitting / Marion G...