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        October 2018    
    Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Events for this month that are not associated with a specific day:
    Annie Armistead   Annie Armistead   Isabel Armistead   Freddy Armistead   Wilfred Armistead   Mary Jane Armistead   William Armitstead   Mary Ann Armistead   Martha Ann Cottam   Emma Armistead   John Armistead   William Armistead   Mary Armistead   John Liversedge Armistead   Charlotte Blanche Armistead   William Armistead   Thomas Armstead   Charles Armstead   Jane Armistead   Alfred Nelson Armistead   James Arthur Cassivelaunus Arm...   Louisa Armitstead   James Wallace Armistead   Frances Armistead   Alice Armistead   Joseph Oscar Armistead   James Armistead   Jane Armistead   Jane Armistead   Eleanor Armistead   Rebecca Armistead   John Armistead   Ellen Goodchild Armstead   Samuel Armitstead   Elisha Bateson Armitstead   James Armitstead   Thomas Armitstead   John Armitstead   Joseph Armitstead   Penelope Goodacre Armstead   Albert Edward Armstead   Jane Octavia Armstead   Ann Armitstead   John Armistead   John Armitstead   Jane Armistead   Maria (Harriet) Armistead   George Armistead   John Miles Armistead   Mary Rebecca Armistead   Martha Armistead   Sarah Jane Armistead   Catherine Armistead   Michael Armstead   Mary Ann Armstead   Jane Ann Armistead   Thomas Armstead   Harry Armistead   Samuel Clement Armistead   Robert Armistead   Sarah Armistead   Eva Annie Armistead   Joseph Trastour Armistead   Jessie Armstead   Eleanor Armitstead   James Armitstead   John Edward Armitstead   Mary Jane Armitstead   Cecilia Maria Armstead   Elizabeth Ann Armstead   Harvey Armstead   Emma) Jane Armstead   Sarah Jane Armistead   Elizabeth Armitstead   William Dickenson Armistead   James Armstead   male Armistead   John) Herbert Armitstead   Alfred Armistead   Hannah High Armistead   Mary Ellen Armistead   Septimus Armistead   John Armistead   William Henry Armistead   Jonathan Armistead   George Armistead   William Horner Armistead   Arthur Armitstead   James Armitstead   Willie Armitstead   Emily Louisa Armstead   Maurice Ernest Armitstead   Selina Jane Armstead   Elizabeth Armstead   William Armstead   Charlotte Armstead   Edward Armistead   Emily Gertrude Armistead   Elizabeth Ann Armistead   Mary Armistead   John Armistead   James Armistead   Eliza Armstead   Robert Owen Armstead   Ellen Louisa Armstead   Sarah Armstead   Ralph Bolton James Armitstead   Agnes Maud Armistead   Ellen Armistead   Luke Armistead   John Smith Armistead   Alice Armstead   Sarah Jane Armistead   William Armstead   Robert Armstead   Henry Armstead   Hannah Frances Armitstead   Margaret Alice Armistead   John Henry Armistead   Hannah Armitstead   Joe Armistead   Ann Armistead   John Armitstead   Gertrude Crossley   Roland Armistead Crossley   Thomas Armistead   Reginald Armistead   Mary Elizabeth Ponsonby Armist...   Lambert Armistead   William Armitstead   John Armstead   Thomas Arthur Armitstead   Ruth Armistead   Juanita Mallinson Bragg Armist...   Charles Armistead   Walter John Armstead   Annie Maria Armstead   William Armstead   Sarah Ann Armistead   Jane Alice Armistead   Rebecca Armistead   Margaret Armitstead   Mary Ann Armstead   Thomas Henry (Tom) Armistead   Richard Henry Armistead   Willie Armistead   Isabella Armitstead   Grace Elizabeth Armstead   Herbert Armstead   Richard Ewart Armistead   Harry Frederick White Armstead   Richard Armistead   George Armistead   Elizabeth Ann Armistead   Enid Mary Armistead   Annie Elizabeth Armstead   Susan Armstead   Sarah Jane Armstead   Thomas Armstead   Richard Armistead   Annie Armistead   Ada Armistead   Grace Armistead   Johnson Armstead   Jane Agnes Armitstead   Robert Armitstead   Joseph Jackson Armitstead   Jane Armitstead   Elsie Agnes Armistead   Herbert Armistead   Beatrice Armistead   Gertrude Armistead   Rosina (Rose) Armstead   James Armitstead   Florence Armitstead   Emma Armistead   John Armitstead   Demiah Armstead   Violet Armstead   Nellie Armitstead   Mary Dixon Armitstead   Theresa Armstead   John Armstead   Evelyn Lucy Armstead   Edmund Armstead   Harry Cleary   Alice Armitstead   Agnes Ada Armistead   James Armistead   William Armstead   Edith Armistead   John Joseph Armstead   Lily Amelia Armstead   Dan Cliff Armstead   Mabel M Armstead   Annie Armstead   Sarah Annie Armstead   Sarah Elizabeth Armistead   Matilda Priscilla L J (Louisa)...   Edward George Frederic (S J) A...   Wallace Colin R Armstead   John Armistead   Agnes Ayrton   Margaret Ann Armistead   Tom Armstead Allard   George Armistead   Joseph Armistead   Mary Ann Armitstead   Margaret Grace Armistead   Florrie Armistead   Amy Armitstead   Hilda Elizabeth Armistead   Polly Armstead   Frederic Armitstead   Jane Ellen Armistead(Harrison)   Ernest Armistead   William Armstead   Euphemia Armstead   Elizabeth Ann Armitstead   Elizabeth Margaret Armitstead   Jane Alice Armitstead   Sarah Ann Armstead   Betsy Armstead   Dorothy I Armstead   Elizabeth Armitstead   Maud Beatrice Armistead   Harold Armstead   John Armstead   Ada Armstead   Mabel Armistead   Walter Armistead   James McDonald Armistead   Charles Clifton Armistead   Grace Ellen Armstead   Annie Ambrosine U Armistead   Doris Louisa Armistead   Ida Irene Armistead   Elsie Spencer Armistead   Harriet Emma Ponder   Annie (Hannah) Bennett Armiste...   Florence Marguerite Armistead   Martha Armistead   Edith Armistead   Thomas William Barker   John Albert Barker   Samuel Armistead   John Armistead   Charlotte Armistead   Francis Armstead   Ethel May Armstead   Violet Elizabeth Armistead   Violet Marion Armstead   Arthur James Armstead   Elizabeth Bessie Agnes Armitst...   Arthur Armistead   Mary Armistead   Wilfred Armistead   Evellyne (Maud?) Armistead   Sybil R Armistead   Ernest Ramsden Armistead   Jane Elizabeth Dinsdale   Alice Ann Armistead   Cecil Armistead   Margaret Ann Armstead   Sarah Lilian Armstead   Doris Violet Armstead   George Alfred Armitstead   Annie Armstead   William Herbert Armitstead   Anne Armistead   Maggie Armitstead   John Armistead   Henry Armitstead   Earnest Armitstead   Kathleen Mary Armistead   Winifred Armitstead   Ellen Eliza Armstead   Frank Armistead   Margaret Armitstead   Jack Armistead   Mona Armstead   John Armstead   Lily Armstead   Harry Armistead   Dorothy Armistead   Harry Armistead   Richard Armistead   Max Wildman Armitstead   Edith Armitstead   Harriet Armstead   Nancy Armistead   Clara Stockdale   Mary Elizabeth Kennedy   Harry Alfred Smith   Ben Reginald Pilcher   John Burton Orton Armstead   Samuel Orton Armstead   Margaret Florence Armstead   David Armstead   Percy Armstead   Margaret Armstead   William Vernon Armistead   Marian Frances Armstead   Samuel Armstead   James Armstead   Willie Armistead   Annie Armistead   Frank Armistead   James Herbert Armitstead   Frank Alexander Armstead   Edith Armstead   John Armstead   Lydia Ruth Connell   Hannah Isabella Armitstead   Margaret Armistead   Mary Armistead   Elizabeth Mary Armistead   Amelia Armstead (Harlock)   William Armistead   Winefride Lemmon   Maud Beatrix Bradney   Jane Armistead   Mary A Armistead   Bryant G Armistead   Driver Armistead   John Thomas Armistead   Laura Armistead   Lenora Armistead   Joseph Armistead   Henry Armstead   Daniel James Armistead   Mary Cornelia Langslow   Arthur Armstead   Arnold Armistead   Wilfred L Armstead   Thomas Armistead   John Armistead   Selina Armstead   Robert Armstead   Augusta K B Smith   Doris E Armstead   Adrian Wilfred Armstead   Clifford Bannister   Ronald Armstead   Mary Jane Bullock   Doris Armistead   Phyllis Winifred D Teecey   Ruth Trippitt Collingwood   Margaret Armistead   Ann Burford Armistead   Annie M or N Armstead   Edith Armstead   Thomas Armstead   Kathleen G Armstead   Dorothy Armstead   Thomas Armstead   Albert W Armstead   Mary Elizabeth Minshull   Alan Armistead   Constance Evelyn Brown   Hills Armstead   Jane Caroline Courtman   Eric William Armistead   Coles (Henry Coles) Armistead   Rosalie L UnkEliot   Nannie Armistead   M V UnkWE   William David Armistead   Hettie UnkGeoW   Tannie UnkDanJ   Hugh Armstead   Mary Armistead   Charles Henry Armistead   Margaret Ann Armstead   Thomas Armistead   William Henry Armitstead   Austin Joseph Charles Armistea...   Alice Ann Armistead   Elizabeth Armistead   Frances Elizabeth Armistead   Sarah Armistead   Michael Armstead   William Armistead   Ebenezer William Armistead   Sydney Armstead   Mary Armstead   John Harry Armstead   Louise Burgess Armistead   Mabel Burgess Armistead   Annie Elizabeth Armstead   Joseph Walter Armstead   Benson Armistead   John Joseph Armstead   Albert Armstead   Ernest Armstead   Harry Ambrose Armistead   Gladys Armstead   John Armistead   Amy Armitstead   George Armistead   Joseph Kenyon   Irene Armstead   Mary Duncombe   Una Margaret Ireland   Florence Winifred Crossley   Margaret Annie LONGSTAFF   Ellen SIMPSON   Isabella High   Hannah Armistead   John Armistead   Richard Armistead   Richard Armistead   Thomas Armistead   Mary Armitstead   Maggie Armitstead   John Armitstead   John Armistead   John Armistead   Richard Armistead   William Armistead   James Armistead   Charles Alfred Armitstead   Nathan Armistead   Richard Brown Armistead   Alfred Armistead   Anthony Wilson Armistead   Sarah Ann Webster   James Armistead   Charles Armstead   Hannah Armistead   Annie Gaskin   Mary Armitstead   Elizabeth Armitstead   Sarah Armistead   Martha Green   Sarah Armistead   Joseph Armistead   William Armistead   Mary Brayshaw   William George Armistead   Mary Armistead   Jane Huddlestone   Ann Dyer   Emma Armstead   John George Armstead   Ellen Goodchild Armstead   George Armstead   Thomas Gumersall Armistead   Maria Brown   John Armstead   Hugh Armstead   Mary Ann Armstead   Eleanor Atkinson   Thomas Armitstead   Elizabeth Jane Armitstead   Martha Woods   Charles) Samuel Robert Armstea...   Edward (John) Armstead   Mary Ann Armstead   Henry Armitstead   Walter Edward Armstead   Thomas Armstead   Richard Armistead   Simon Armistead   Martha Lambert   Richard Burnie(Bernard) Armist...   Catherine Armistead   John Armstead   William Armistead   Elizabeth Armistead   William Armstead   Ann Gornall   Henry Armstead   William Armitstead   Maria Fairweather   Susan Rebecca Deane   Louisa Rawlins   Julia Ann Armstead   William Armitstead   Ann Armistead   Eliza Alice Armistead   Elizabeth Farrar   James Armstead   Mary Ann Leaman   Ann Jane Harrison   Alice Rebecca Armistead   Elizabeth Rayner   Elizabeth Armistead   Henry Armistead   John William Armistead   Frances Gorman   Eliza Castle   John Armistead   Jane Parkin   William Armistead   John) Herbert Armitstead   Edwin Armitstead   Emily Wingfield   Margaret Bracewell   Sarah Jane Richmond Brown   Elizabeth Ann Armistead   Isaac Percy Armistead   Mary Anne Coo   George Frederick Armistead   George Armistead   Jane Walker   Henry Armistead   Martha Tait   Henry Armistead   John Armistead   Dorothy Easton or Ewston   James Armistead   Mary Hetty Armitstead   Robert) Ernest Armitstead   Thomas Armstead   Mary Armstead   Frederick Armstead   Thomas Alfred Armstead   Fanny Armistead   Agnes Armistead   James Armistead   William Armistead   Ann Wileman   Robert Owen Armstead   John William Armistead   Eleanor (Ellen) Askey   Robert William Armstead   Robert Armstead   William Gifford Armistead   Harry Driver Armistead   Tom Armistead   Ann Maria Tapper   Mary Louisa Stephens   Herbert Armitstead   William Armstead   Robert Armstead   Allison Wildman Armitstead   Susannah Jackson   Mary Melvin   Henry Armstead   Hannah Turner   Mary Ann Smith   Elizabeth Burton   Grace Armistead   John William Armistead   Richard Henry Armistead   Sarah Kellett   Ann Johnson   Frank Armstead   Lambert Armistead   Robert Armstead   Emma Dyson   Johnson Armstead   Grace Armstead   Walter John Armstead   William Armstead   Susan Watson   Tola Tapper   William Coo Armistead   Isabella Armistead   Catherine Thornberry   Catherine Armstead   Hannah Jane Cains   Ann(ie) Gott   Agnes Preston   Charlotte Armistead   Anne Bennett   James Armitstead   Alice Jane Armitstead   Enid Mary Armistead   Emma Griffiths   Edmund Armistead   Elizabeth Armistead   Mary Smith   Florence Armstead   Effeness Elizabeth Jones   Monica Troy   John (Thomas) Armistead   Betsy Armitstead   Henry Jackson Armitstead   Harry Armistead   Mary Armitstead   John Armitstead   Fanny Armistead   Mary Armistead   Walter Armstead   Nellie Armitstead   George Armstead   Alice Armitstead   Bridget Thornton   Edith Ma(r)y Armstead   Edward Armstead   Edward George Frederic (S J) A...   Margaret Armstead   William Armistead   Henry Armistead   Cecil Thomas Armistead(Longtho...   Christopher Hampson Armistead   Peter Armistead   Ellen Armistead   James Armstead   Mary Julia Bull   Tom Armstead Allard   Sarah Heap   Cedric Harold Gerald Edward Ar...   Joe Braithwate Armitstead   Luke Armstead   John Lamonby Armistead   Rebecca Morville   Florrie Armstead   Amelia Smith   Elizabeth Margaret Armitstead   Herbert Armstead   Maggie Duncan   Elizabeth Nicholls Shuttlewort...   Fred Armistead   Mary Armstead   William White Armstead   Elizabeth Green   Ernest Frederick Armstead   Annie Ambrosine U Armistead   Mary Bell   William Wheeler Ponder   George E Armistead   Jane Ellen Lister   Mary Ann Weeks   Eliza Morris   Eli Brierley   Lillian Slater   Jennie Armistead   Christian Elizabeth Cornell   Arthur John Armitstead   Marion Armistead   Mildred Armistead   James Armistead   Wilfred Armistead   Margaret Ann Rowlandson   Evellyne (Maud?) Armistead   Ernest Armistead   James Herbert Armistead   William Alexander Armitstead   Percy Armstead   Donald Armstead   John Armstead   Margaret Agnes Pope   Rose Annie Armistead   Mary Radcliffe   Mary Armstead   Dorothy Burford   Jessie Burnie   Frederick Edwin Armistead   Frank Armistead   Sarah Woolfenden   Rennie Armistead   Thomas Armistead   William Armitstead   Richard Armistead   Maud Armistead   Ernest Ashton Armistead   Edith Armitstead   Harriet Armstead   Edith Armistead   Ernest Willie Armstead   Elisabeth Viccars   Maurice Armstead   Samuel Orton Armstead   Margaret Florence Armstead   Richard Robinson (Armistead)   Elizabeth Kay   James Armstead   James Herbert Armitstead   Hannah Armstead   Susannah Monica Rogan   Harriet Armitstead   James Armitstead   William Armistead   Harry Armistead   Jessie Blackett(Armistead)   James Armistead   Harry Armstead   Margaret Martin   Annie Mary Henderson   Samuel Gaskell Armistead   Arthur Armistead   William Armistead   William Lambert Armistead   Annie Elizabeth Wild   Richard Armstead   William Armstead   Willie Armitstead   Daniel James Armistead   Emily Armitstead   Abigail Bedford   Muriel G Armstead   Leslie Armistead   Abraham W Armistead   Selina Armstead   Martin Baldwin   Herbert Dennis Armistead   John Acton   Gertrude E Shillito   Doris Armistead   Barbara Robson   William E Armistead   Elsie Coult   George L Armitstead   Mary Armstead   Ann Burford Armistead   Nellie Armistead   Annie M or N Armstead   William Edward Armstead   Irene L Hutt   Dorothy Armstead   Edward Bennett Parry   Mabel Wardley   Catherine H Barclay   Cecil Cody Armitstead   Violet Catherine Hayes   Hilda Mary White   Joseph Armistead   Alan Armistead   Harry W Armistead   Robert Armistead   John V Easom   Maud Elsie Taylor   Robert Bruce Armstead   Joseph Henry Airey   Richard Wallbank Clapham   Hannah V Williams   Harry Cummings   Lewis CarterXX Armistead   Elizabeth Ann Armitstead   Margaret Ann Armistead   Thomas Armistead   Jane Armistead   Alice Ann Armistead   Elizabeth Armistead   Ann Elizabeth Armstead   Sarah Armistead   Josiah Armstead   Clara Armstead   William Armistead   Frederick Thomas Armistead   Florence Maria Armstead   Solomon Armistead   Sydney Armstead   Elizabeth Armistead   Ruth Armistead   Thomas Ponsonby Armistead   Benson Armistead   Thomas William Armistead   James Henry Dent   Evelyn P Armitstead   Isabella Agnes Atkinson   Edward Reader Milner   William Armistead / Margaret A...   Fred STOREY / Maria Armistead   Francis Joseph JACKSON / Eliza...   Hugh Wesley ARMISTEAD / Emily ...   Joseph Armitstead / Nancy Elle...   Robert Nelson / Isabella Armis...   Wilfred Armistead / Gertrude E...   James Armistead / Margaret Agn...   James Barclay / Mary Jane Armi...   Frances Irving / Agnes Armiste...   James Ellershaw / Elizabeth Fr...   Nathan Armistead / Mary Jones   John Ireland / Ellen Armistead   John Armistead / Anne Bradshaw   John Armistead / Hannah Turner   Benjamin Holt / Amelia) Lucind...   Edwin Armistead / Mary Hannah ...   William Armistead / Rebecca Mo...   Richard Armistead / Margaret A...   John Armitstead / Ellen Jenson   John Armistead / Ruth Trippitt...   John Thistlewood / Mary Armist...   Ernest Armitstead / Mary E Sta...   Edward Joseph Armstead / Effen...   George Sherratt / Ann Armstead   William Elvin / Elizabeth Arms...   Robert Armitstead / Mary Jane ...   John Charles A Gray / Ada Alex...   Michael Dey / Catherine Armste...   Joseph Dalkin / Alice Armitste...   Reuben Bainbridge / Ann Armits...   William Coulson / Isabella Arm...   John Armitstead / Maria Shorro...   Jonas Holden / Susan Armistead   William Armitstead / Edith Mar...   James Armistead / Anne Bennett   George Hallass / Sarah Mason   Miles Slater / Emma Laycock   Lawrence Tattersall / Nancy Ar...   Robert Armstead / Mary Ann Bar...   John Holden / Mary Ann Armiste...   Michael Armstead / Ann Johnson   Joseph Wileman / Mary Ann Arms...   Thomas Stevenson / Susannah Ar...   William Spencer / Martha Armst...   William Jones / Lucy Jane Arms...   Francis Stockdale / Mary Howar...   Frank Armstead / Martha Seymou...   James Walsh / Agnes Lees   Benjamin Armstead / Mary Ann G...   Thomas Armstead / Sarah Jane S...   Harvey Armstead / Ann Maria Ta...   James Liney / Emma) Jane Armst...   James Parkin / Mary Armistead   Thomas Hay / Jane Ellen Armist...   Robert Armitstead / Elizabeth ...   William Rowe / Deborah Elizabe...   Walter Bartlett / Annie Elizab...   Thomas William Armistead / Mar...   John) Herbert Armitstead / Mar...   Thomas Corbett / Selina Armits...   James Baxter Armistead / Eliza...   Arthur William Armistead / Flo...   Henry Armistead / Frances Lydi...   David Strong / Betsy Tattersal...   George Armistead / Margaret Ma...   William Armistead / Sarah Mart...   Alfred Dickinson / Isabella Ar...   Sidney B Roberts / Annie Armis...   Jonathan Brewer Armistead / Em...   Thomas Armistead / Frances Gre...   Harold Armistead / Ethel Weall...   William Rigg / Ethel Armistead   George Armistead / Alice Vicke...   Michael Hutchinson / Maggie Ma...   William Simpson / Ann Armstead   Benjamin Birks / Ann Chilton   Joseph McVennie / Sarah Ellen ...   Thomas Mooney / Kate Dodds Arm...   William Armistead / Ada Sugden   Henry William Armstead / Mary ...   Thomas Cleary / Lilian (Mary L...   George William Armstead / Ella...   John Edward Armstead / Mary Ha...   Edwin Grayson / Ann Elizabeth ...   Frederick Gladstone Armstead /...   Richard Sutton / Alice Duckett   Charles Edward Barrett / Jane ...   Alfred Armistead / Edna Lodge   William Greenwood / Charlotte ...   Reginald Armistead / Elizabeth...   John Gerrard / Mary Armstead   William Armstead / Sarah Johns...   George Arthur Armstead / Marth...   Robert James Cook / Alice Ann ...   William Enoch Hall / Sarah Ann...   Lawrence Curtis Ritson / Jane ...   Frederick Friday / Rebecca Arm...   John William Armistead / Mary ...   Dennis Manning / Frances Armst...   Walter John Collins / Flora Ev...   Henry Thomas Parr / Evelyn Flo...   John Armistead / Edith Maud Mo...   John Armstead / Ellen Irlam   Alfred Armstead / Elizabeth Ni...   Thomas Jackson Marshall Murgat...   Herbert Armistead / Mary Ann C...   John G Pearson / Gertrude Mary...   William Armistead / Selina Roo...   John Henry Armistead / Sarah G...   Henry John Charles Armstead / ...   Albert Meggitt / Annie Elizabe...   George Hutchinson / Sarah Jane...   John Armstead / Emily Cunliffe   Walter Armistead / Mary Cubbin   George Choppin / Emma Armistea...   Jonathan Allan / Jessie Armste...   Thomas Rice / Mary Armstead   Henry Jackson Armitstead / Fra...   Harry Clegg / Annie Armistead   Edward Reading (Vero Edward Re...   Harry Armistead / Mary Corneli...   William Lineton / Emma Armiste...   William J Self / Emily Rosina ...   Matthew Leighton Armitstead / ...   Richard Armitstead / Ethel Hay...   John Henry Armstead / Alice M ...   John Richard Middlebrook / Cla...   Robert Wharton Armitstead / He...   George Armitstead / Esther Pos...   John W Armitstead / Margaret A...   William Wadsworth / Alice(Amy)...   Frederick Taylor / Sarah Ann A...   Edmund Armstead / May Jowett   William (Henry?) Armistead / M...   John Fallon / Annie Hilda Armi...   William Henry Hill / Charlotte...   Reginald (William Reginald) Ar...   Robert C Storey / Mary Agnes A...   Sydney Armitstead / Violet M N...   William Francis Armstead / Els...   James Edward Armstead / Alice ...   John Armstead / Margaret P New...   James Bracewell / Agnes Ayrton   John Harrison / Alice Gertrude...   Joseph Harold Dixon / Annie Ar...   Norman Collin Armistead / Clar...   Clifford Armstead / Beatrice M...   William Armstead / Beatrice St...   Arthur Miller / Isabella Armis...   Alec Edward Brook / Elsie Marj...   Herbert Armstead / Hannah Tayl...   James Cordingley / Lily Armste...   John R Thompson / Elizabeth Ar...   Harry Armistead / Mary A Howke...   Walter W Gill / Emily Chapman   James McDonald Armistead / Mar...   Charles Clifton Armistead / Li...   Thomas John Armitstead / Annie...   Albert Armitage Armstead / Kat...   Charles Victor Armstead / Mill...   Fred Greenwood / Harriet Ann A...   Henry Buck / Elsie Spencer Arm...   George Harding / Doris Healey ...   William George Armistead / Rut...   Herbert Briscoe / Martha Armis...   Percy Leslie Armstead / Kathle...   Percival J Chambers / Selina (...   Stanley James(Sidney James?) A...   Matthew Henry Armistead / May ...   Harold John Armstead / Dora A ...   Herbert Armistead / Margery Ar...   William Alexander Armitstead /...   George W Lunn / Charlotte Arms...   William Coulthurst Booth / Mar...   James Davies / Grace Nuttall   James A Harris / Doris Violet ...   James Leach / Mabel Armistead   George Edward Armistead / Tere...   Frederick Bland / Annie Armste...   John James Thornley / Alice (M...   William R Fitzhugh / Katharine...   Harold Armstead / Amy Isabel S...   Stuart Piper / Harriett Wilson   Alfred Ireland / Henrietta Tay...   Edward Oliver Armistead / Edit...   Arthur Hancock / Rosina Maud H...   Thomas Armstead / Annie Mary H...   William Charles Fawcett / Doro...   Gerald Armistead / Jane Caroli...   William Armstead / Prudence Do...   George M Swinton / Alice Armit...   John Yoxall Armistead / Mabel ...   Robert Armistead / Mary Graham   Ambrose Pollard / Ellen Stutta...   Harold Edward Armstead / Glady...   Ernest Harrison / Emily Bland   Eric Myers / Katherine J Pater...   William T Kimpton / Alice M Ba...   Sutcliffe Gill / Ethel Hollinr...   John Joseph Wilson Armistead /...   James Norris / Charlotte Alma ...   Walter Thomas Wear / Ella S Pa...   Lewis Howell / Margaret Hughes...   Ernest Hargreaves / Una Margar...   John Black / Esther Armstead S...