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    Matches 1 to 50 of 67

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Andrew, Ann  Abt 1811Yorkshire I6291
    2 Armistead, Alice  Abt 1780Yorkshire I8937
    3 Armistead, Alice  Abt 1794Yorkshire I12293
    4 Armistead, Ambrose  Abt 1580Yorkshire I3225
    5 Armistead, Anthony  Abt 1580Yorkshire I3222
    6 Armistead, Anthony  Abt 1780Yorkshire I2701
    7 Armistead, Antony  Abt 1613Yorkshire I8686
    8 Armistead, Bartholomew  Abt 1730Yorkshire I1937
    9 Armistead, Christopher  Abt 1521Yorkshire I9348
    10 Armistead, Christopher  Abt 1650Yorkshire I8693
    11 Armistead, Edward  Bef 1646Yorkshire I6407
    12 Armistead, Father Tempest  Abt 1580Yorkshire I6484
    13 Armistead, George  Abt 1705Yorkshire I1598
    14 Armistead, George  Abt 1720Yorkshire I7398
    15 Armistead, Henry  Abt 1785Yorkshire I4106
    16 Armistead, John  Abt 1580Yorkshire I3226
    17 Armistead, John  Abt 1660Yorkshire I6396
    18 Armistead, John  Abt 1700Yorkshire I1962
    19 Armistead, John  Abt 1720Yorkshire I1835
    20 Armistead, John  Cal 1758Yorkshire I2204
    21 Armistead, John  Abt 1785Yorkshire I2717
    22 Armistead, John  Abt 1790Yorkshire I5226
    23 Armistead, John  Abt 1790Yorkshire I8976
    24 Armistead, John  Abt 1800Yorkshire I6879
    25 Armistead, Lawrence  Abt 1660Yorkshire I8689
    26 Armistead, Margaret  Abt 1580Yorkshire I3227
    27 Armistead, Mary  Abt 1711Yorkshire I2137
    28 Armistead, Mary  Abt 1800Yorkshire I9372
    29 Armistead, Nathaniel  Abt 1670Yorkshire I3873
    30 Armistead, Nathaniel  Abt 1670Yorkshire I5831
    31 Armistead, Peter  Abt 1690Yorkshire I6388
    32 Armistead, Richard  Abt 1670Yorkshire I8877
    33 Armistead, Richard  Cal 1714Yorkshire I2777
    34 Armistead, Richard  Abt 1730Yorkshire I1817
    35 Armistead, Richard  Cal 1763Yorkshire I2866
    36 Armistead, Richard  Abt 1773Yorkshire I3147
    37 Armistead, Robert  1500Yorkshire I9347
    38 Armistead, Robert  Abt 1600Yorkshire I6487
    39 Armistead, Robert  Abt 1690Yorkshire I6394
    40 Armistead, Robert  Cal 1789Yorkshire I3117
    41 Armistead, Robert  Abt 1816Yorkshire I2179
    42 Armistead, Sarah  Abt 1800Yorkshire I7621
    43 Armistead, Thomas  Abt 1670Yorkshire I1885
    44 Armistead, Thomas  Cal 1753Yorkshire I4293
    45 Armistead, William  Abt 1529Yorkshire I9349
    46 Armistead, William  Abt 1610Yorkshire I6403
    47 Armistead, William  Abt 1640Yorkshire I6495
    48 Armistead, William  Abt 1690Yorkshire I8872
    49 Armistead, William  Cal 1731Yorkshire I6353
    50 Armistead, William  Abt 1775Yorkshire I11310

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    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Marsden, Wilfred Kenneth  1978Yorkshire I1582


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Armistead / UnkDan  Abt 1700yorkshire F3284
    2 Armistead / UnkHugh  Abt 1638Yorkshire F2424
    3 Armitage(not Armitstead) / Morris  31 Oct 1877Yorkshire F1276