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    Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire



    Matches 1 to 37 of 37

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Armistead, Albert  Between Apr 1877 and Jun 1877Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I5981
    2 Armistead, Albert  Between Jul 1905 and Sep 1905Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10162
    3 Armistead, Ann Elizabeth  Between Jul 1905 and Sep 1905Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I8833
    4 Armistead, Annie  Between Jan 1883 and Mar 1883Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I6638
    5 Armistead, Arthur  Between Jul 1880 and Sep 1880Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I6534
    6 Armistead, Beatrice  Between Oct 1888 and Dec 1888Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I6641
    7 Armistead, Edith  Between Apr 1887 and Jun 1887Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I6640
    8 Armistead, Elsie  Between Apr 1899 and Jun 1899Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10069
    9 Armistead, E.M.   I8894
    10 Armistead, Ernest  Between Jan 1882 and Mar 1882Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I5984
    11 Armistead, Frederick(Freddie)  Between Apr 1880 and Jun 1880Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I5983
    12 Armistead, Herbert  Between Oct 1884 and Dec 1884Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I6639
    13 Armistead, Horner  Between Jul 1901 and Sep 1901Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10157
    14 Armistead, Ivy  Between Jul 1909 and Sep 1909Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10164
    15 Armistead, James  Between Jan 1903 and Mar 1903Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10158
    16 Armistead, John Richardson  Between Jan 1884 and Mar 1884Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I5986
    17 Armistead, L.H.   I8867
    18 Armistead, Mary Ann  Between Jul 1875 and Sep 1875Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I5988
    19 Armistead, May  Between Apr 1886 and Jun 1886Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I5985
    20 Armistead, Minnie  Between Jul 1888 and Sep 1888Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I5987
    21 Armistead, Rennie  Between Apr 1905 and Jun 1905Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I8834
    22 Armistead, Susannah  Between Apr 1893 and Jun 1893Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I7936
    23 Armistead, Thomas  19 Jan 1907Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10163
    24 Armistead, William  Between Jul 1896 and Sep 1896Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I7937
    25 Armistead, Willie  Between Oct 1878 and Dec 1878Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I5982
    26 Armistead, Wills Henry  Between Jul 1901 and Sep 1901Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10160
    27 Clegg, Harry  Abt 1881Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10093
    28 Clegg, Walter  Abt 1905Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10378
    29 Dixon, A.   I10153
    30 Fort, A.   I10327
    31 Fort, Muriel  Abt 1906Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10326
    32 Garnett, Emma E  Abt 1897Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I8004
    33 Hartley, Margaret  1888Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I8866
    34 Rycroft, Foulds Willis  Abt 1885Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10276
    35 Rycroft, W.   I10277
    36 Smith, Mary  Abt 1859Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I6533
    37 Wilmore, Elizabeth Ann  1876Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10180


    Matches 1 to 6 of 6

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Armistead, Albert  Between Jul 1906 and Sep 1906Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10162
    2 Armistead, Albert  Between Apr 1967 and Jun 1967Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I6341
    3 Armistead, Horner  Between Jul 1901 and Sep 1901Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10157
    4 Armistead, James  Between Oct 1903 and Dec 1903Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I10158
    5 Armistead, James  14 Dec 1903Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I3143
    6 Armistead, John Yoxall  16 Mar 2007Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I11270


    Matches 1 to 4 of 4

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
    1 Armistead, Frederick(Freddie)  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I5983
    2 Armistead, Lilly  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I8064
    3 Christian, Maggie  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I5181
    4 Rook, Selina  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I6204


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
    1 Armitstead, Elisha Bateson  1918Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire I3257


    Matches 1 to 25 of 25

       Family    Census    Family ID 
    1 Armistead / Atkinson  1901Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F1602
    2 Armistead / Atkinson  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F1602
    3 Armistead / Burrows  1871Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F1044
    4 Armistead / Edmondson  1901Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2185
    5 Armistead / Pickles  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2390
    6 Armistead / Richardson  1901Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F1527
    7 Armistead / Richardson  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F1527
    8 Armistead / Rook  1901Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F1603
    9 Armistead / Shuttleworth  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2507
    10 Armistead / Smith  1901Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F1696
    11 Armistead / Smith  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F1696
    12 Armistead / Tillotson  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2464
    13 Armistead / Whittaker  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2370
    14 Armistead / Wilmore  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2827
    15 Armistead(Harrison) / Moorby  1901Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2085
    16 Armitstead / Feather  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2491
    17 Armitstead / Whiteside  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2371
    18 Boothman / Armistead  1871Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F1281
    19 Clegg / Armistead  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2805
    20 Dixon / Armistead  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2820
    21 Fallon / Armistead  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2813
    22 Fort / Armistead  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2508
    23 Parkinson / Armistead  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2860
    24 Rycroft / Armistead  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2859
    25 Stell / Armistead  1911Nelson, Great Marsden, Lancashire F2217