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    Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire



    Matches 1 to 19 of 19

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Armestead, Marjorie  Feb 1570Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I6728
    2 Armstead, Ann  15 Jan 1652Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3822
    3 Armstead, Ann  24 Sep 1659Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3824
    4 Armstead, Bridget  7 Feb 1633Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3810
    5 Armstead, Elizabeth  9 Feb 1643Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3812
    6 Armstead, Elizabeth  21 Sep 1648Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3814
    7 Armstead, Elizabeth  17 Apr 1655Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3823
    8 Armstead, Gawin  14 Nov 1611Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3816
    9 Armstead, Gawin  3 May 1648Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3820
    10 Armstead, Jane  24 Oct 1613Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3817
    11 Armstead, Mary  22 Mar 1634Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3811
    12 Armstead, Robert  18 Nov 1621Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3818
    13 Armstead, Robert  1 Feb 1650Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3821
    14 Armstead, Susanna  9 Jan 1662Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3825
    15 Armstead, Thomas  14 Feb 1608Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3808
    16 Armstead, Thomas  23 Jun 1645Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3813
    17 Armstead, Unbap  1631Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3815
    18 Armstead, Unbap  1647Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3826
    19 Armstead, Unbap  1658Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3827


    Matches 1 to 12 of 12

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Armstead, Ann  30 May 1657Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3822
    2 Armstead, Bridget  6 May 1651Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3810
    3 Armstead, Gawin  10 May 1650Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3820
    4 Armstead, Robert  Abt 1671Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I6544
    5 Armstead, Robert  7 Apr 1679Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3818
    6 Armstead, Thomas  6 May 1651Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3806
    7 Armstead, Thomas  7 Dec 1659Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3808
    8 Armstead, Unbap  11 Apr 1631Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3815
    9 Armstead, Unbap  9 Feb 1647Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3826
    10 Armstead, Unbap  17 Jan 1658Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3827
    11 Hareby, Alice  7 Feb 1652Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3807
    12 UnkRob, Elizabeth  14 Oct 1663Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3819


    Matches 1 to 2 of 2

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
    1 Armstead, Thomas  2 May 1651Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3806
    2 Armstead, Thomas  26 Nov 1659Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire I3808


    Matches 1 to 5 of 5

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 Armstead / Brightman  6 Nov 1617Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire F1699
    2 Armstead / Hareby  7 May 1607Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire F955
    3 Charlesworth / Armstead  6 Oct 1681Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire F958
    4 Disbrowe / Armstead  2 Jan 1672Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire F961
    5 Harrison / Armstead  26 Sep 1678Thurlby by Bourne, Lincolnshire F960